The Anti-Cruelty Society

Help provide food, shelter, and medical care for abused and neglected animals throughout Chicago.

Chicago, IL
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About The Anti-Cruelty Society

In 1899, Rose Fay Thomas, wife of Chicago Symphony Orchestra founder Theodore Thomas, established The Anti-Cruelty Society and forever changed the landscape of animal welfare throughout the Chicago region. For nearly 120 years, the Society has endured as Chicago's oldest and largest open admission animal welfare organization, one that provides a wide breadth of programs that save the lives of thousands of animals each year. A certified 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with an IRS determination year of 1937, The Anti-Cruelty Society’s mission is to build a community of caring by helping pets and educating people. The Anti-Cruelty Society has evolved since our inception and we continue to expand the programs that we provide to the community. However, one constant objective has remained ingrained in our organizational identity throughout our entire history—a commitment to saving the lives of those who lack the ability to save themselves. Throughout our existence, the Society has helped an incalculable number of abandoned and mistreated animals through an ever-expanding array of services. Some of our current programs include: adoption placement, a public sterilization clinic and charity vet clinic, humane investigation, and humane education.